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Properly practiced creativity can make one ad do the work of ten.

William Bernbach

Decisions about advertising are not limited to the copy or text of the advert, or the images and concepts you wish to express, but also to the channel through which the advertisement is expressed. Keeping things in context is becoming much more important in the modern world, where the information overload is causing more and more people to filter out information they deem is unneccessary.

A good example of this is arguably the largest single advertising giant in the world at the moment, Google. The enormous search engine has one of the most successful advertising rates for one simple reason - they keep things in context, and not intrusive. If someone searches for "sweaters", they aren't interested in seeing an advertisement about car insurance. However simple advertisements about sweaters adjacent to the information they need, become the information they need.

This lesson can be applied to every area of advertising. Scattershot advertisements just put out the message and hope someone qualified somewhere might see it, with very random success rates, which can be an expensive lesson to learn. This is why we here at MediArt have developed relationships with many different  advertising channels, ensuring that you have the option of going with the channels that will be the most effective for your business, maximising returns and providing more growth potential, and unbeatable value for your investment.